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  • How to Share Articles with Other Network Marketers to Grow Your Primary Business


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    Why Share Articles with Fellow Network Marketing Professionals?

    Reason #1

    You want to arm your team with the skills to attract business partners while giving them the opportunity to get 100 free prospects for their primary business.

    Reason #2

    When 3 people check out the training or article and choose to register for free to get their 100 free leads, you get your pro account free for that month.

    Reason #3

    On average 12% of people that register for free decide to get the pro subscription which earns you 20% commission (even if they are in a completly different business)

    Reason #4

    Build relationships with other networkers that might be open to other opportunities. Give back to the industry as a whole and establish yourself as a student of the game. This shows others that you have made the choice to make it as a Network Marketing Professional. 


    How to Share Articles with Network Marketers to Grow Your Primary Business


    -Share it via direct facebook messages to your key team members


    -Share in your team facebook group ( company marketing groups )
    tip: use the #hashtag that your team is using or the #hashtag that your company uses to promote distributor trainings. (but don't use the main company #hashtag, that is for prospects that are not yet in Network Marketing)


    -Share articles on Network Marketing Message Boards


    -Share on LinkedIn Network Marketing Groups you are a member of to give them all 100 free leads for their primary business (if you are not a members of any groups, make it a mission to join a few groups on each social platform)


    -Share on google+ with specific circles that are in your team or in groups that are focused on elevating their Network Marketing skills. 


    -Share on twitter but only if you have followers that are in network marketing. Use the #hashtag that your team is using to promote training events.