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  • Track and Duplicate Your Network Marketing Presentation

    In this video we are going to show you how to can easily set up your primary network marketing business presentation in HomeSuccessPro and make that presentation easily available to your new business builders.

    Why would you want to set up your Network Marketing Business Presentation in HomeSuccessPro?

    Once you add your presentation to HomeSuccessPro it enables you to..

    • Get a notification when your prospect clicks to watch your presentation and who watched it.
    • When viewing your contact in the contact manager you can see how long they watched.
    • You book your contact to an appointment and send them a pre-written email directing them to watch your business presentation in just a few clicks (instead of writing out the email each time you invite a prospect).
    • You can upload a custom team presentation to the system and the system will automatically set up your new business builders with your custom presentation. (this makes it easy to track and duplicate the use of your custom presentation across your team.)


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