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  • Robert Hollis The Millionaire Mentor Explains How He Makes a Millionaire

    Today we are joined by Robert Hollis. He is the author of the book How is that working, he's a professional Network Marketing speaker, and he make over 2.5 million dollars per year in residual income with his Network Marketing business.

    Robert has has mentored over 45 millionaires and he is here to share with us how to make a millionaire in Network Marketing.

    How to Make a Millionaire in Network Marketing


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    Show Notes (Getting New Members Started in Network Marketing): 

    • Learn from someone who already knows how to do it and just do what they are doing.
    • Find someone who is coachable.
    • Teach them something that duplicates very quick
    • With technology these days you can get a lot of people using an effective system and things can happen fast.

    What type of systems should leaders put in place for their teams in order to be successful?

    • Anything you would do one on one (master the little things)
    • how to invite someone to a presentation through excitement and enthusiasm.
    • Get them in front of a person that has success
    • that might mean finding that person who is documented  a get them to do every single video that you would do one on one.
    • build relationships by listening, find what they want out of this, instead of telling them that you want them to do something.
    • design a simple game plan to get them what they want.

    The simple metrics to track

    1. How many people's interest did you peak today
    2. How many did you get to watch a video
    3. How many people did you get to make a decision about their level of commitment (try the product, become a part time or full time business builder )

    Don't just get people into your business and abandon them. This is the most crucial step. It is so important to get your new reps their first check. The first check is so powerful because it let that person know they can do it. It gets them addicted.

    The Big Takeaway

    You have to humble yourself and ask for help. Find a mentor that has walked the path that  you want to walk. You don't have to learn every skill, you just need to start with the ones that get results.

    What can you do to be a better mentor?

    Stop being the big fish in a small pond, get out there and surround yourself with people who know more than you. Check out the Go Pro Event Live Stream

    Surround yourself with the best and you will be the best -Scott Hache

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