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  • Getting New Members Started in Network Marketing

    Today is all about getting new members started in Network Marketing correctly and why it is essential to the success of you and your new reps.

    We are joined today by Dave Smith who has made 7 figures in the Network Marketing profession and is a top trainer for his company.

    Getting New Members Started in Network Marketing

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    Show Notes (Getting New Members Started in Network Marketing): 

    • Work hard and work until the job is done
    • Make your new members feel like they have a plan to be successful the first minute they start working
    • Use the company critical activities and keep it simple
    • Give them an opening invitation script for their warm market that is easy to say to anyone they know.
    • Don't teach the whole comp plan, just stick to the invite and help them master it first.
    • Give them examples of how you do it and let them adapt it to their personality.
    • Make the first step so easy that its hard not to do it properly.

    The Big Takeaway When you are asked a question, don't answer it. Point to a third party tool or Three-way a leader in. Just don't answer even simple questions you think you can easily answer. If you do answer that question, it makes your prospect think that they need to know how to answer every question before they too can be successful in the business. So don't answer the questions the way you feel like you should. Simply point them to the answers that are provided.

    Remember that you start teaching your new member that the process is easy and duplicatable from the moment they become your prospect.

    If you are looking for a way to streamline the duplication in your business, check out the HomeSuccessPro System. This system allows new members of your company to follow a step by step checklist to learning how to master the process of inviting leads to look at their business. 

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